Monday, May 7, 2012

Basement Finishing

 Framing the walls, the boys love helping!
 You can see Bridger was a big help

 Branson Making sure things were secure
 Electrical, Jayce and Suzy helped
 Sheet Rock is so much fun
 To Hammers at once, this kid can get some work done
 Painting, we made mess!
 The finished product, just a few more things and we will move in!!!

Winter Fun

We introduced the boys to the snowmobiles in the mountains this winter, they loved it! We worked Branson up to climbing some pretty large hills! We all had a ton of fun!

New additions to the Family !!!

The boys wanted fish, so we had to get the strongest ones we could find, Betas.

We would like to welcome Sponge Bob and Red Fred to the family. We will see how long they survive :)

Watching is Snow!

Our boys have turned into the best of friends and worst of enemies depending on the day. They are always playing or fighting. This is one of the peaceful times, they wanted to watch it snow! We have learned to enjoy the peaceful times as it will change in a few seconds :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Archery Elk Hunting 2011

Brittney and I both drew tags in Wyoming this year. We have had a ton of fun so far. With may close encounters, I live for this time of year. There is nothing like a the early morning chill on the back of a horse, riding up a canyon listening to the bull elk bugle. The excitement and beauty is something that all should experience at some point in their lives. Words and Pictures can not do it justice!

Green River Lakes 2011

Dad, Brett and I went fishing up to Green River lakes. It snow on us there, and was bit cold, but the fishing was great. What a beautiful part of the world that place is, I love it there.

Fishing 2011

We have not went fishing as much as years before, but here are some highlights of the boys fishing this summer. It is going be be fun to watch them learn. Branson and I went out with the young men the other night and he out fished them all with his lightning McQueen rod, I only helped part of the time. Bridger is learning to love it also.

Camping Labor day

I can not believe it has been so long since we posted. Here is our family currently. We went on a camping trip up Greys River for Labor day. We had quite a bit of fun fishing, riding four wheelers and hanging out.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pheasant hunting 2010

Well we started off the year with a bang, lots of them on the opener. There were three first timers with us Jackson, Kayden and Dixon. We had a great time and shot a lot of shells even if not much fell.

Last night we went out again. Brittney and the boys came with my Dad, Gabe and I. We found bunch of roosters, but had a hard time getting them to fly up where Gabe could get a shot. The boys loved it, but cried when they had to stay by Mom. They sure get excited to shoot stuff.